Fre'Etta Brooks

Fre’Etta Brooks President

I am a Post-Baccalaureate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor degree in Philosophy. I am currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at the University of Houston. I am involved with the High Altitude Student Payload (HASP) project, the Outreach Coordinator for the Society of Physics Students, working in collaboration with other ASUH members to renovate the observatory, a volunteer in my community and I work as a Medical Physicist’s assistant. I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Medical Physics after graduation in Fall of 2017. I am looking forward to working with everyone to build a legacy.


Desmond Jeff

Desmond Jeff Vice President

I am a Senior Physics major and Math minor expecting to graduate in Spring 2018. I currently serve as an Outreach Coordinator for the Society of Physics Students at UH and take part in renovating the UH Observatory with ASUH members and others in our community. I aspire to study Astrophysics in graduate school and would like to pursue a career in research in that field. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, and attending Zumba.


Lilly Schaffer

Lilly Schaffer Treasurer

I’m Lilly Schaffer. I study Physics and Phronesis at U of H! These are my passions. For fun I enjoy going to sporting events, reading, letting loose, getting outside and looking at the stars - all in good company. UH has been my home and will be until May 2018! GO COOGS!


Dorian Dela Pena

Dorian Dela Peña Historian

I’m a Junior Physics major and Math minor expecting graduate in Spring 2018. I’m passionate to study astrophysics in graduate school and currently working with Dr. Andrew Renshaw in HASP (High Altitude Student Payload). I love outdoor events, frequent kayaking, cooking, and Funk Jazz enthusiastic.


Steven Oliver

Steven Oliver Webmaster

I am a junior Physics major at the University of Houston expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2018. I’m currently working under Dr. Andrew Renshaw in the student-led High Altitude Student Payload (HASP) project and a Officer for the Society of Physics Students (SPS) chapter at UH. After graduation I plan to further my education and pursue a graduate degree in Condensed Matter Physics. In my spare time, I enjoy participating in outdoor sports and activities.


Hilary C. Utaegbulam

Hilary C. Utaegbulam Assistant Webmaster

I am a second-semester freshman Physics major at the University of Houston. I am currently on pace to graduate in the spring of 2020. I hope to go to graduate school where I will hopefully study and maybe some day teach Astrophysics. Outside of science, some of my loves include irony, humor, heartfelt friendship, basketball, rationality, eloquent books, eloquent people, stargazing, and the freedom to be an individual. Lastly, I feel astronomy brings us a clear awareness of our place in the universe and challenges us to deal more carefully with each other and with the place we call home.


Raneen Alsayegh

Raneen Alsayegh Outreach Coordinator

I might be the only non-physics major here, but hey astronomy is for everybody. My major is Nutritional Science, minoring in biology, business foundation, and nonprofit leadership. I am a pre-dental will graduate spring 2018. I have always been fascinated by the universe, space and the stars. I always read books and watch documentaries about this subject along the philosophical and scientific aspects of it. Other than that, I’m from Jordan originally and I love being well rounded and involved in different things to be able to understand and be empathetic to all people and bond over common interests as well.


Ki Darlington

Ki Darlington Outreach Coordinator

Majoring in Physics and minoring in Mathematics, I have entered my junior year of my undergraduate career at the University of Houston. I am currently a Residential Advisor for the University, as well as working towards my teaching certification through TeachHouston. I wish to pursue a graduate and professional career in astrophysics and quantum mechanics, as well as study consciousness. I wouldn’t be able to live without music, and even though I love all genres my favorites lean toward the heavier side of rock and alternative hip-hop (ex: System of a Down, Gorillaz.)


Marissa Soto

Marissa Soto Planning Committee

I am a senior level physics major. Currently working in Physics education research with Dr. Cheung and biomedical physics research with Dr. Das. I am also part of the teachHouston program encouraging STEM majors to teach in order to create a future generation of math and science enthusiasts. I plan on teaching and attending graduate school upon graduation. I am one of the planning committee members for ASUH. In my free-time, I enjoy watching videos, movies and series online, as well as music in all its forms, drawing, playing video games and learning random things; I am currently learning Korean and how to code with python.


Xavier Jackson

Xavier Jackson Planning Committee


Carlos Gramajo

Carlos Gramajo Advisor/Curator

My name is Carlos Gramajo. I am the Research Lab Manager at the Center for Advanced Materials at the University of Houston. I am co-curator of the University of Houston Physics Department Observatory, and I am currently serving as the Faculty/Staff adviser for the Astronomy Society at the University of Houston (ASUH).

Email: cgramajo@Central.UH.EDU

Susan Street

Susan Street Co-Curator

My name is Susan Street and I am the former curator(2003-2009) and current co-curator of the University of Houston Physics Department Observatory. I initiated the current renovation of the observatory in May of 2016 and was joined by Carlos Gramajo to lead the restoration effort and, subsequently, run the observatory.